It’s Time to Catch Some Monsters

                First, I want to start this article by sincerely apologizing for the lack of articles lately. I got busy with moving into a house, school, and football, but now I’m back, and we’re going to kick back into gear with an awesome topic: swimbaits.

                Just to be clear, I’m not talking about your typical swimbait that you either buy from Walmart or the hollow-bodied swimbait that you put on a swimbait jig head; I’m talking about BIG swimbaits, like 6+ inches of a delicious meal fit for a king (or queen) bass.

                One thing to mention is that I’m just now starting out. I actually don’t even have the gear yet (that’ll be my Christmas present(s)), but I’ve got a plan, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. My SIUE fishing partner, Jacob Wunder, and I have decided to dive head first into the big swimbait game. He’s already bought some of his stuff, but I’m holding off because I’m super broke, and most people don’t really throw these much except for in the winter and into the spring for goliath bass.

                I’m not 100% on the reel I’ll be buying to throw these giant baits, but I’ve got a pretty good idea. Right now, I’m eying the Abu Garcia Revo Toro S50. This reel was born to throw baits like the ones I’ll be throwing. It comes with extended handles (still two reel handles) for extra torque, plus a power handle (just one big reel handle) that will provide even more torque if needed. This reel can also hold 210 yards of 14 lb. test, but I’ll be throwing heavy braid with a 20-25 lb. monofilament leader to the bait. The Toro S50 has a maximum drag weight of a whopping 25 lbs. (which will hopefully be the size of the bass I’ll be catching with it). Granted, I know this reel is expensive, but because I fish for a college team, I get a discount to Abu Garcia (and other companies), and I am extremely grateful.

                As far as the rod I’m going to use goes, I have decided. I am going to go with the ‘Big Bear Rods’ (as always and will not change) 7’9” XH power with a fast tip. This rod was basically built to throw baits like this. You need to have a stout rod to both cast these monster lures without snapping the rod in half, and being able to handle the giant bass that go hand-in-hand with throwing big swimbaits. Because of the sensitivity and overall excellent rods I have in my Big Bear Rods, I have no doubt that I will fall in love with this rod as well.

                The last thing I will talk about are the swimbaits I plan on throwing. Though I don’t know exactly all the baits I’ll acquire, I do know a few I can’t wait to get my hands on. The top few on my list are a River2Sea S-Waver (size 168 and 200), a Castaic ‘Catch-22’, and, as all ‘swimbaiters’ should have, a Huddleston. It’ll be pretty difficult for me to spend too much money on a lure at first, but if I catch a couple of double digits and catch the swimbait-fever, I may be in trouble.

                One last thing I wanted to mention before I end this article is where Jacob and I have learned pretty much everything we know to this point about swimbaits. You HAVE to check out the YouTube page ‘tacticalbassin’ if you’re interested in swimbaits (or bass fishing at all). Those two guys, Matt and Tim, really know their stuff! Swimbaits are what they’re really known for, and for a good reason. These guys are no joke. They have tons of videos about rods and reels for swimbaits, how to rig them, types of swimbaits, and even giant fish stories that they’ve caught on swimbaits (Matt’s story is my favorite)!

                So that’s my plan for this winter/spring. I hope you enjoyed learning about my new hobby to come. Go and check out ‘tacticalbassin’ on YouTube, and tell me what you think and what your favorite video of theirs is! Thanks for reading, and welcome back!


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